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Physics Committee

NYSRS Physics Committee 4/5/2021


Executive Summary:

After receiving Board approval, a team consisting of Committee members and Dr. Kim Feigen, has engaged a video consultant Mr. Joey Greco to help to produce one or more 1–4-minute videos for medical physicists. Intended primarily for distribution through social media, the videos will explain the benefits of membership and engagement in NYSRS and ACR, as a valuable adjunct to AAPM membership. The team has had 2 meetings, reviewed another medical physics informational video recently created by Mr. Greco. We are refining our goals and addressing logistics needed to produce our videos. We anticipate completion by early summer.



Keywords: Physics, membership, video, inspections


Discussion Items:


Informational Items

Video project

  1. Nearly all medical physicists are members of the American Association of Physicists n Medicine (AAPM) but only a small percentage are members of ACR and the State Chapters.
  2. Membership and engagement in NYSRS/ACR offers distinctly different benefits to medical physicists, including involvement in ACR’s multiple Accreditation programs, advocacy efforts that affect the practice of medical physics and regular interactions with radiologists and radiation
  3. Medical physicists are welcomed and respected within NYSRS for their contributions to patient care, professional matters, and
  4. Increasing membership and engagement of medical physicists in NYSRS will strengthen the organization and further advance its

Inspection update

  1. Committee members remain engaged with City and State Health
  2. NYSDOH is continuing its efforts to update Part 16 of the NY State Sanitary Code, primarily to comply with items of NRC compatibility. NYSRS will receive a copy of Draft Proposed changes as soon as they are available for distribution, likely later in


Bob Pizzutiello, Chair
Dan Long, Vice-Chair
Dylan D’Angelis
Vikas Patel
Tom Petrone
Raja Subramaniam

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