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The New York State
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New York State Chapter of the American College of Radiology

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New York State Radiological Society is actively involved on the state level in advocating for our radiologists on legislative issues that impact our practices and our patients. We have an actively engaged lobbyist, Shauneen McNally, from the firm Weingarten, Reid & McNally.

With the help of our committees and our lobbyist, NYSRS has been involved in many issues (See News Section). Some others include:

Dense Breast Legislation:   Encouraged the ACR to fast-track the production of the pamphlet regarding the significance of breast density for providers and their patients.  We also offered information to our members as to how to meet the new NYS mammography reporting requirements.

Scope of Practice: We have kept abreast of the NYS legislative initiatives regarding the scope of practice of physician extenders in imaging & regarding podiatrists attempts to extend their scope of practice.

Possible CON Expansion: We have provided much input to NYS regardng the impact on our members’ outpatient imaging centers if there is any expansion of CON requirements.

In addition to NYSRS advocating for our radiology members at the state level,  the American College of Radiology Association (ACRa) has been advocating for us on the national level:


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