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Young Physician Section Committee

Young and Early-Career Professionals Section Report
NYSRS Executive Committee Meeting
April 9, 2021



*NYSRS YPS Career Fundamentals Virtual Program

March 8, 2021: “From Survive to Thrive: A Practical Approach to Getting Things Done”
Monica Sheth, MD (NYU Long Island)
Puneet Bharghava, MD (University of Washington)
34 participants

Career Advancement Q&A (May)
Transitioning from training to clinical practice (July): Tips for Success
Transitioning to midcareer (Fall)
Radiology advocacy


*Section meeting on March 11, 2021
Reviewed goals for 2020-2021 year
YPS committee involvement
Upstate and private practice YPS engagement



*ACR Annual Meeting 2021: YPS Program, Saturday, May 15, 2021

Available here: https://www.acr.org/Lifelong-Learning-and-CME/Meetings-and-Course- Calendar/ACR-Annual-Meeting/YPS



(eastern time)

Topic Speaker
1pm Future Shocks to Radiology and

Radiation Oncology in the Next 5 Years

Trevor Royce, MD

Frank J. Lexa MD, MBA, FACR

2pm Leadership in Early Career Melissa Davis, MD, MBA
2:30pm Caucus Recap Amy Patel, MD; Neil Lall, MD
3pm Point/Counterpoint: Stay Privately Held or Join Corporatization? Rich Heller, MD; Catherine Everett, MD, FACR; Dan Ortiz, MD; Larry Muroff, MD, FACR
3:50pm Advocacy: RAN & RADPAC Update Dave Youmans, MD, FACR; Ted Burnes



*JACR Opinion Article, published April 3, 2021
Transitioning to Independent Practice: An Early Career Perspective
Amy K. Patel, MD; Darel E. Heitkamp, MD; Margaret M. Fleming, MD, MSc; Kimberly M.
Beavers, MD; Jay R. Parikh, MD


*Excerpt from the ACR YPS e-News (February 2, 2021):
“We successfully launched the inaugural ACR YPS Webinar Series, comprised of timely topics affecting young radiologists in this country. So far, we have hosted the YPS-RFS-AAWR Webinar: Job Hunting During an Economic Crisis, the YPS-Radiology Leadership

Institute®  Webinar: Practice Leadership During COVID-19, and the YPS-JACR®  Webinar: Pandemic Impact on Private Practice Recruitment: 2020 and Beyond. In case you missed these, you can watch the recordings here.

The YPS has also partnered with Cody R. Quirk, MD, and podcast (@HounsfieldPod ) to feature bite-sized, meaningful, relevant, and honest discussions about topics affecting young radiologists in this country. So far, the collaboration has been very successful. Recent episodes include ABR, Core Exam, and MOC and Private Equity in Radiology. Don’t miss listening to these incredibly informative episodes, perfect for your commute to and from work, at bit.ly/HounsfieldUnit .”


Respectfully submitted,
Dana Lin


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