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The New York State
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New York State Chapter of the American College of Radiology

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IT Committee


New York State Radiological Society
April 9, 2021


NYSRS.org website updates since last meeting:

  1. Webinar: Young and Early Career Physicians: Career Fundaments Series
  2. Webinar: From Survive to Thrive. A Practical Approach to Getting Things Done.
  3. Minor website design to include NYS Radiological Foundation
  4. RADPAC updates and fundraiser challenges
  5. All prior Committee and Section Reports from January 2021 Board Meeting

Current Social/IT Committee Members 2021:

Susan Danahy MD FACR

Amina Farooq MD

Andrew Rosenkrantz MD

Katia Dodelzon MD

Ragni Jindal, MD

Laura Madsen, MD


All Tweets and Facebook pages have stayed up to date with current topics.  There continues to be increased engagement.


ACR CME  Application requirements for future meetings

Website to begin ACR CME application (6-8 weeks prior to meeting is ideal).  A new application is needed for each meeting and new disclosure forms for each meeting must be signed. Disclosure forms will be provided by the ACR


There are also new forms such as Activity Planning form that will be provided when applications is begun.



*TopPro Media is now charging a yearly fee for the services to maintain our website.   This began in 2020*

Top Pro Media Group continues to maintain our website, Facebook Group and Twitter account.


contact:  Chantelle Brauner  chantelle@toppromediagroup.com

 Domain is held by Network Solutions

nameservers:  DNS forwarding information/NS points to

Problem solving contact (previously worked with set up of website with NYSRS)
Chintu Pandya  (tsntoy@gmail.com)


Facebook group:


Group page   https://www.facebook.com/groups/189261238225529/

For adding additional Facebook Administators, instructions are as follows:


Log into your Facebook account and click on the down arrow at the top right of the screen. You will then click on the NYSRS Facebook Page under “Your Pages”. (top of the list)

Once on the NYSRS Facebook page, click on “Settings” at the top right of the page (below the down arrow).

Next, click on the “Page Roles” button on the left of the page.

In the field under “Assign a New Page Role”, you can add the new admin’s name or email and assign admin privileges. Once Added, the new admin will receive notification that she has been added.


Twitter account:


User: NYSRSociety
PW: nysrs2015!
Set up by Top Pro Media Group


User:  NYSRSociety
PW:  nysrs2015



Blast e mails to All Dues Paying Members and Residents

This is done through the Chapter Portal on the ACR website. Yearly administrative rights are given to the Executive Director, Chapter President and Chapter Secretary



Upcoming Events

Past Events

Spring All Members Meeting

This will be a VIRTUAL MEETING – details to follow