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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
of the New York State Radiological Society
January 8, 2021

Present (all remotely): Drs. Gupta, Feigin, Hentel, Danahy, Friedland, Wolf, Lawrence, Rapoport, D’Alessio, Rosenkrantz, Yee, Scarmato, Cavoli, Adams, Litvack, Min, Axelrod, and Lin and Mr. Pizzutiello
Also present (all remotely): Drs. Farooq, Mashayekhi and Keir, Ms. McNally, Mr. Ryan and Mr. Millock
Absent: Drs. Naidich, Gasson, Abramson and Kagetsu


  1. Call to Order
    Atul Gupta, M.D., President, called the meeting to order at 9:05 A.M.
  1. Approval of Minutes
    Upon motion duly made and seconded, the minutes of the October 23, 2020, meeting of the Board of Directors were unanimously approved.
  1. Report of the President
    Dr. Gupta summarized his proposed goals for the Society in 2021.  He emphasized:
  • Increasing membership;
  • Encouraging members to become ACR Fellows;
  • Encouraging members to seek leadership positions in the ACR;
  • Enhancing public understanding and appreciation of radiology through, among other things, the creation of videos;
  • Simplifying and revising the format of member meetings;
  • Developing and implementing the Society’s quality and safety goals;
  • Furthering the Society’s Advocacy Agenda and Diversity and Inclusion Goals;
  • Promoting RFS and YPS activities;
  • Activating the Foundation; and
  • Promoting the mission and initiating the proposed activities of the Ethics Committee

After discussions, the Board adopted the proposed goals of the Society for 2021.

Dr. Gupta presented the results of the survey of members about meetings.  Dr. Gupta thanked Dr. Friedland for his help in distributing the survey.  Dr. Gupta introduced the idea of awarding a certificate for attendance at YPS and RFS career workshops.  At Dr. Gupta’s request, Mr. Pizzutiello reported on the status of the Task Force on Meetings which he is leading.  Dr. Gupta relayed the latest information on the ACR annual meeting in May.  Dr. Gupta thanked the Board for its contributions to the Society’s application for the ACR’s chapter awards.

  1. Finance and Audit
    Dr. Cavoli reported that the Society is in a good position financially.  He said that the Finance and Audit Committee recommended a continued conservative approach to investment.  He noted the Society’s reserves equal about two years of expenses.  After discussion, the Board approved a continuation of the conservative investment and expense policy.
  1. Government Affairs
    Ms. McNally advised that a new legislative session had begun.  Old bills must be reintroduced.  She noted that the State faces a $15 billion deficit.The Society’s lobby day is scheduled for May 4.  It will be conducted remotely.Ms. McNally noted the vaccination initiative spearheaded by her firm and the colonography bill she and members of the Government Affairs Committee recently drafted on behalf of the Society.  She noted the uncertainty of insurance coverage for particular colonography tests under current law.  She summarized the proposed advocacy agenda.  After discussion, the Board approved the advocacy agenda for 2021.
  1. Legal Affairs
    Mr. Millock summarized several recently adopted state regulations on COVID.  He noted a recent DOJ settlement with a Florida radiology practice which intentionally dissimulated foreign reads ineligible for Medicare reimbursement.  He summarized the recently adopted federal “NO SURPRISES ACT” and its impact on the current New York law. He summarized a recent Fourth Department decision with implications for the role of radiologists in the ED.
  1. Section Reports
    1. Interventional Radiology
      Dr. Axelrod commented on the WavelinQ percutaneous fistula creation system.
    2. Breast Imaging
      Dr. D’Alessio reported that the ACR and others have secured a one-year extension to December 31, 2021 of the moratorium on USPSTF breast screening guidelines; a study reported in the American Journal of Surgery that noted significantly higher rates of screening of suburban women than of inner city women; and IARC data showing that breast cancer has surpassed lung cancer as the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide.
    3. MSSNY
      Dr. Litvack reported on several developments in Albany and Washington; MSSNY support for the recruitment of volunteer COVID vaccinators; and physician access to the COVID vaccine.
    4. Young Professionals
      Dr. Lin reported on the Career Fundamentals Virtual Programs held in November and December and the next program to be held in the winter.
  1. Committee Reports
    1. Ethics
      Dr. Adams reported that, after considerable effort, he learned that three other state chapters have ethics committees.  He will find out what these three committees do.  He presented the committee’s proposed activities.  After discussion and with some modification to the scope of the proposed review of potential conflicts, the Board approved the proposed activities of the committee.
    2. Economics
      Dr. Adams reported the ACR’s success in reducing and delaying Medicare payment cuts in the most recent COVID-19 relief bill; CMS approval of the first add-on payment for AI software; and CMS issuance of special provisions for radiology documentation requests.Dr. Adams reported that several professional advocacy groups had urged the NGS, the regional MAC, to reverse its opposition to including the WavelinQ device for percutaneous fistula creation.  Dr. Adams recommended that the Society submit a letter to NGS supporting the need for physician choice among devices for this purpose but not advocating for a specific commercial product.  He agreed to draft such a letter for review by the IR committee and others.
    3. Membership and Grassroots
      Dr. Gupta reported there are currently 1,548 Society members, a drop of 69 members from January 2020.  He noted the success of the summer drive to recoup lapsed members.  He emphasized the need to attract new members.
    4. Diversity and Inclusion
      Dr.  Yee outlined committee plans for a series of virtual lectures and recent publications by her and Dr. Kagetsu.
    5. Nominating
      Dr. Wolf named three more alternate councilors.  She asked when the Board should recognize the three annual award winners.  The Board decided to honor them remotely at the April meeting and invite the awardees to the next in person meeting.
    6. Social Media/Communications
      Dr. Danahy reported on website additions since the October Board meeting and ACR CME requirements for future meetings.
    7. Residents
      Dr. Farooq reported on the Dr. Sara Abramson Radiology Resident Career Workshop held remotely in October.  She announced that RFS will maintain its communications liaisons with every residency program in the state.
    8. Physics
      Mr. Pizzutiello updated the Board on the implementation of revised Part 175 of the NYC Health Code; revisions to Part 16 of the State Sanitary Code; and the SED guidelines on the unlicensed practice of medical physics by service engineers.  Mr. Pizzutiello described his efforts to create a brief video on why joining the ACR and the Society is good for radiologists.
    9. Quality and Safety
      Dr. Scarmato summarized the 2020 ACR Virtual Conference on Quality and Safety; QCDR updates; ACR Accreditation Programs Updates, and several other matters.
    10. ACR Fellows
      Dr. Wolf reported that 16 new fellows and two new previously approved fellows will be recognized at the annual ACR meeting.
  1. The Foundation
    Dr. Friedland reported that the Foundation had received its first donation.  Drs. Friedland, Hentel and Rapaport are finalizing a plan for soliciting contributions.
  1. PAC
    Ms. McNally asked that the Board to confirm the Society’s annual contributions to the PAC.  After discussion, the Board authorized a contribution of $5,000.00.
  1. Adjournment
    The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,
Andrew Rosenkrantz
Secretary, 2021




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