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Join Your Colleagues to Double Your Contribution Impact During COVID-19

In mid-March once COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, RADPAC® suspended its fundraising activities. That does not mean we haven’t been busy over the past few months. In fact, RADPAC and the Government Relations team have been involved in significant legislative and regulatory discussions on advocating for PPE, liability relief, SBA practice loans, funding for CHIP providers, and paid sick and family leave tax credits. Additionally, we created a coalition of more than 50 provider organizations in the fight of proposed E/M cuts to radiology effective Jan 1, 2021.

Our work is far from done, and we also must remain prepared and engaged on the political front with the 2020 elections looming this fall. Therefore, the RADPAC Board has agreed to restart its fundraising with a Charitable Match Campaign that will run from July 31 through August 31.

Join Your Colleagues to Double Your Contribution Impact During COVID-19

All new contributions of $100 or more to RADPAC ($50 for residents) made between July 31 through August 31 will be matched 10 cents on the dollar by RADPAC’s administrative fund to one of three organizations selected by the RADPAC Board.

This benefit does not include installment plans established prior to the time of the Campaign or funds contributed to RADPAC earlier in the year. If you choose to start a new installment plan during the Campaign, we will match the amount contributed during the Campaign. Click here to make your RADPAC contribution and select your charity.


What are the Recipient Organizations?

nysrs-radiology leadership institute Radiology Leadership Institute:
State-of-the-art leadership training and resources to ensure radiologists remain an integral part of the healthcare delivery team.
nysrs-cdc   CDC Foundation Coronavirus Fund:
The CDC Foundation was created by Congress for collaboration between CDC and philanthropies, private entities and individuals to protect the health, safety and security of America and the world.
nysrs-rad-aid  RAD–AID International:
Improve and optimize access to medical imaging and radiology in low resource regions of the world.


Where do the “matched” funds come from that will be contributed to the organizations?

The matched funds will come directly from RADPAC’s administrative budget designated in the RADPAC FY21 budget for contributor recognition and networking activities throughout the year. Since some live events (like the RADPAC Gala) were canceled due to the pandemic, RADPAC is reallocating the funds for the charity match.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Ted Burnes at: tburnes@acra.org


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