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The New York State Radiological Society, Inc (NYSRS) is the New York State Chapter of the American College of Radiology. It was founded in 1953 as the "Radiological Society of the State of New York". It was originally founded when "a group of x-ray physicians felt the need of a state wide organization to strengthen their professional and ethical status". It has evolved into a statewide organization of over 1,200 members. According to our By-Laws, the purposes of this Society shall be those of the American College of Radiology: (1) to advance the science of radiology, and to improve radiologic services to the patient; (2) to study the socioeconomic aspects of the practice of radiology; (3) to encourage improved and continuing education for radiologists and allied professional fields; and (4) to establish and maintain high medical and ethical standards in the practice of radiology and allied professional fields.

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New Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Outpatient Imaging Policy Contact Us

Dear physicians,

Whether you practice in a hospital, office or independent diagnostic testing facility, you should be concerned about the new Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Outpatient Imaging Policy. It effectively prohibits hospital-based outpatient imaging in your state with only case-by-case exceptions.

Treating diagnostic imaging as a commodity, separate from a patient’s continuum of care, would be a death knell to our profession’s central role in integrated care. This Anthem tactic could turn imaging reimbursement into a race to the bottom with significant consequences for all imaging providers, regardless of setting, and patients alike.

This policy is an effort by Anthem to force hospitals into price reductions outside its contract cycle. Anthem is treating patients and ordering physicians as pawns in its steerage negotiations.

All advanced imaging services are covered by this prior authorization edict. Exceptions to the Anthem policy are based on adherence to “medically necessary” definitions imposed through the Anthem-owned radiology benefit manager, AIM Specialty Health.

The American College of Radiology (ACR) opposes this effort by Anthem and AIM. The ACR has launched an aggressive campaign in your state and the nine other states affected by the Anthem policy.

If left unchallenged, other private insurers and even Medicare could mimic the Anthem policy that treats imaging as a separate, negotiable commodity.

We cannot let this happen. Take action now. Help us fight Anthem and AIM.

  • We need to know how this Anthem policy will affect your practice and your patients
  • We need your help in understanding the real world impact of this policy
  • And, we need examples of how patient care has been impacted at your practice

Please share your experiences of the Anthem imaging policy and encourage your patients to do so here.

If you wish to provide specific patient information, please be aware of HIPAA restrictions and obtain written permission from the patient for this use. We will honor all confidential information you choose to share with us.

Visit ACR Anthem Outpatient Imaging Policy Resources page. Review the Anthem policy and the exceptions to the Anthem policy for more information.

Thank you for helping at this critical time,

William T. Thorwarth, MD, FACR
Chief Executive Officer
American College of Radiology

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